Thursday, 10 January 2019


"Some people won't love you, 
no matter what you do, 
some people won't stop loving you, 
no matter what you do, 
go where the love is"

"Don't break up, 
fix the problem, 
start the Romance again, 
go on dates again, 
work on winning Each Other over again, 
this is why there are so many failed relationship, 
if you love each other and are the best friends, 
then breaking up is not the answer"

"If she block,Unblock,block, unblock you 
married at psycho she really loves you"

"In the world of beauty and brain 
I got my stupid and insane"

"Who says 
long distance relationship doesn't work  
ask a soldier about his wife"

"I don't want to miss you at 3 AM and send you a text, 
I want to miss you at 3 AM  and roll over to kiss your face"

"I wish I could explain your eyes, 
and how the sound of your voice give me butterflies, 
how your smile makes my heart a beat, 
and how every time I am with you I feel so complete"

"The beautiful thing about love is, 
as long as the both of you remain loyal to each other, 
It will last forever"

"I want years, 
not weeks, 
I want real not fake, 
I want argument not secret, 
I want be held down not let down"

"All relationship have one law, 
never make the one you love feel alone, 
especially when you are there"

 "A perfect relationship is not actually perfect
 at all it consists of two people 
who never give up on each other despite any hurt or pain"

"Love is not between a cute girl and handsome boy,
Love is between two real hearts"

"You could say i am a simple girl,
with simple needs, 
drinking hot tea in a cozy sweater,
 laying on your lap 
as we watch the moonlight its all i need its all l want"

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