Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Poor man and wife love story

Short Love Story

Poor man and wife

Short Love Story Poor man and wife

One day,his wife,who had very long hair ask him to buy a comb for her for proper caring of her hair and for to grow her hair well

The man felt very sorry and said no.He explained that don't have enough money for buying the comb.His wife just watch her husband and get broken because his husband didn't complete her wish.

The man went for work and when he was passing by a watch shop,he just stop there and sell his watch after  that he buy a new comb for her wife.

When he came his home in the evening then he took comb in his hands and ready to gave it to her wife.

He was surprised when he saw that his wife has very short hairs.Man ask her wife that why you cut your hair then she said that she just sold her hair and buy a hairband for holding her hair.

Tears flowed in their by seeing their love for each other

Moral of the story-For true love money is not required,only you need a good person 

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